Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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VILMA55 electromechanical siren for civil defense is the update model of the famous NEVA55 type which operates in Greece since 1955.


ΝΕVΑ 55 siren


VILMA 55 is vertically produced in Greece at our factory and is licensed from Ministry of Civil Protection of GREECE . It follows the ministry standards and DIN 41097 as well.

VILMA 55 is a robust construction with the following parts:


1)  Iron base with three (3) feet.
2)  Electric Motor of a special construction.
3)  Sound unit

4)  Special unit cover made of iron or fiberglass .





VILMA 55 is an alarm siren for civil defense under threats such as:








Unit is controlled with an electrical control panel. When a signal (manual or automatic) trigger the control unit the electric motor is fed with 3 phases (380 – 400 – 415  V) and ‘start’ operates the sound unit.

An impeller (rotor) starts rotating inside a steady shell (stator) causing air to flow inside the sound unit and discharge air, sounding at the frequency of 420 HZ. Sound can be continuous or with interval depending either of the operator or an extra control unit.