Monday, December 09, 2019
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Technical Data

The  submersible motor is the result of many years of research.

It is suitable for submerse use with sewage pumps and other applications of submerse use.

The submersible motor 3Y is suitable for submersing at depths up to 30 m ( 3bar).

For 3Y it is presented a pioneered design of cooling circulation allowing continuous operation of the submersible motor with temperature of the medium 45 °C.


Both types are designed for quickly and easily  assembly and disassembly ,  of the motor from the pump or any other machine (back – pull out system). In addition all motors are equipped with a special flange in order the user to has the ability of connecting to different sizes.


Sewage Pumps

Water Purification Pumps

Submersed agitators and underwater agitation in general


Type of motors

3ΥΗ suitable for submersed use only

3ΥΗΜ suitable for submersed and dry installation with cooling jacket


- 2-4-6-8 poles

- 1,5-22 kW

- ΙΡ 68  protection degree

- Equipped with Mechanical seals


Materials of construction

Typical construction with cast iron.

Special materials are also available DUPLEX & SUPER DUPLEX

stainless steel



Drive Shaft

Shaft can be constructed according to customer specification. Brochure contains only typical dimensions


Mechanical Seals

Mechanical Seals according  to EΝ 12756 / Din 24960

Burgmann ή Crane

Carbides according to customer specification

Installation according customer  specification

Insulation Class

Insulation Class F.

Insulation Class H on request.




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