Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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Vilma Motors Company established and stated in Greece in 1951 and quickly became one of the country’s leaders in the field of electric motors and electrical equipment.

Rapidly it started to design, produce and develop standard type and special types of rotating electrical machines. Vilma over the years occupied special engineers, technicians and specialized staff.

Some of the special types of rotating machines, we introduced were:

- Special rotating frequency converters for military purposes.

- Electrical machines for educational purposes ( direct current generators, synchronous motors and generators) for all the Greek public schools of engineering.

- All Greek electrical alarm sirens for civil defense are Vilma products (NEBA 55).

- Electric motors for, mines, shipyards, pumping stations, shipping companies, e.t.c.

In nowadays “ VILMA “ focusing in various types of Squirrel Cage Motors satisfying customers such us::

- The most of the largest electric power plants of PPC ( public power corporation). We supplied them with electrical equipment of Vilma electric motors.

- Cement factories, mines, public and private companies. We supply to them with squirrel cage induction motors of VILMA.

Proud we are for our exports over the years which some of them are:

- Electric motors for irrigation systems and water supplies stations of Arabic Countries (IRAQ, JORDAN, SYRIA, LEBANON, LIBYA , EGYPT, SAUDI ARABIA and EMIRATES).

Largest and latest supply was:

- 240 pieces of Hollow Shaft squirrel cage motors for the project of WDC MASTER PLAN FOR WATER PUMPING STATIONS in THAILAND.

With respect to your needs, our company in year 2007, established new high quality buildings, introducing the most modern manufacturing techniques for electric motors production with scope to serve customer needs as best as possible, always with respect to the environment protection by introducing better efficiency motors after improving the already existed and famous series of VILMA motors.




More specific in year 2010:

- We will introduce a document management system to speed up internal processes

- Improvement of our product by designing and manufacturing the prototype of our new EFFICIENCY 1 motor

- Steady state appearance to overseas markets by planning an organized promotion to the major cities.

Hoping to need productivity and quality you are welcomed to join us by purchasing one of our brand new products.