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For near a century VILMA MOTORS company works towards electric machines as a family of skilled and experienced engineers sharing their knowledge and passion for technology, innovation, and progress.

From our first revolutionary inventions to the commitment of efficiency, the company’s core philosophy remains the same after all these years; serving the customers’ special needs through expertise. The continuous training of our engineers in new technologies and the increasing investment in sustainable solutions is the goal we reach every day.

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VILMA MOTORS has a long history synonymous to quality and technical knowledge provided by experienced engineers.

  • 1928

    The Company was established by Michael Androutsos as ‘ELVIMA – Hellenic Electric Motors Industry’ in a small factory in Athens, yet with remarkable production capacity.

  • 1950

    The impressively growing demand of the company’s products including electric motors of various types, industrial fans, generators and pumps, as well as growing machinery and skilled personnel numbers, led to the foundation of a new state-of-the-art plant based in Athens industrial area. The emblematic premises of 14,000m2 incorporated the most modern and specialized machinery of the time leading to almost a tripling of the production reaching 400 electric motors per month, making the company by far the top electric machines manufacturer in Greece at the time.

  • 1955

    Following the growth and new product series introduced, such as the first aluminium motors in Greece, industrial blowers, grinders and warning sirens for industry and civil defense, new investors joined the administration and the Company changed to LTD.

  • 1968

    The new company under the name ‘VILMA – Hellenic Electric Motors Industry’ incorporated all modern universal standards and allowed the expansion of sales to the Balkans and the Middle East. The company continued to contribute to national education not only by supplying technical schools and universities with special machines for use in the labs, but with also training numerous students in the field. Moreover, VILMA developed special rotating frequency converters for the Army, as well as the well-known civil defense siren NEVA55 with hundreds installed all over the country and abroad.

  • 1979

    Introduction of the first AC motors with adjustable speed and update of the Company's casting methods.

  • 2007

    A new era begins for VILMA MOTORS with the introduction of high efficiency motors, incorporation of the most modern manufacturing techniques, a new management system and expansion of the R&D department which allowed the design and production of new innovative products, such as the submersible motor in cooperation with the National Technical University of Athens.

R & D

Continuous investment in innovative products in cooperation with the top technical universities is one of the company's strategic advantages.

Our latest achievement of our R&D is the design and the prototyping of an electric motor suitable for submersible and dry run operation. The design is based on the initial parameters and operation condition by controlling the geometry of the rotor and the stator. The cooling is obtained by a pioneering technique of a combination of cooling jacket, closed cooling system the results of the magnetic and thermal analysis of a three phase induction motor suitable for submersed and dry run operation of a sewage pump.

The submersible motor 3Y is the result of many years of research. The submersible motor 3Y is suitable for submersing at depths up to 30 m ( 3bar) , 4 ~ 22 KW. It is presented a pioneered design of cooling circulation allowing continuous operation of the submersible motor with temperature of the medium 55 °C.

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3 Y H


VILMA MOTORS is certified according to ISO 9001:2015

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